OP Dag 2003

3rd Oostenrijkse Pinscher daygroep

May 6th – Laag Soeren.

A beautiful day with excellent weather.
Because of a road block and detour it was pretty hard to find “de Spreng”.
For us as well. We planned to be the first to arrive at 9:30, but because we left a little late, and had to take the detour, we were about the last to arrive. That did not dampen the spirits though.
The families already introduced themselves, and thus we quickly figured out the relationships between the dogs (brother, sister, mom…).
Ebby’s G-litter was represented by 4 dogs, and of Hera’s F-litter 3 dogs were present.
Especially the F-litter differed a lot when it comes to size and color of the dogs.

We had a total of 19 dogs, 15 of which are Oostenrijkse pinschers.
Some people kindly notified us beforehand that they couldn’t come after all, but they really hoped to make it to the next one.

We had a very busy schedule. The day started with a 1 to 1 1\2 hour hike through a nature reserve. Because the wild bore had offspring, we did have to keep the dogs leashed. Really a shame, because there was a lake where most of the dogs really wanted to dive into.
Back at “de Spreng” we had a lecture by Femke van Veen about therapy dogs, Glen v/h Peerdespul was the demo dog – at a young age he was trained to be a therapy dog, and this job suits him and his character very well.

The food was taken care of very well, there was quite a variety so everyone had something they liked.
Salads, soups, savoury pies, fruit… too much to list here.
And after the big lunch we didn’t get too much time to rest because the 3 ladies who took care of the doggy dance were already waiting. Because the weather was so good, we decided to do this outdoors.
First she explained a little about doggy dance and Freestyle and about the 3 exercises we were about to teach our dogs. after that we formed three groups, and each group practiced a different exercise.
At the end of the day the ladies gave a demonstration with their own dogs.

I think at the end of the day everyone found their way home, tired but content.
We surely were!

See you at the next Oostenrijkse pinscher day in 2009.

Elles Wierda

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